Hookworms live at The Haunt

Ok, so I’ve given The Haunt a bit of a slating in the Brighton Venues section, but some opportunities are too good to miss. This, for example: the mighty Hookworms, at a bargain-basement price of £7.70.

I was first alerted to this Yorkshire psyche band by a tweet from Guardian music editor, former Select magazine editor and Seven Dials resident Alexis Petridis. He said (and I’m paraphrasing from memory here) “Hookworms are fucking amazing live. It’s like having the top of your head sliced off and your brain scooped out”. In a good way, I presume.

Considering their debut LP made Resident Records’ end-of-year list, I’m surprised this hasn’t sold out yet. They’ve got a new one on the way soon, but I hope they still start their sets with this (kicks in with a vengeance at 2:45)…


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