Keel Her at the Dome Studio

You know a band’s not having a good night when they have to apologise to you for being so shit. “Uhm, sorry. We haven’t had much time to practise,” whimpered one of Keel Her when they last played in Brighton, as part of 2014’s Alternative Escape. Luckily there were only about 25 people there to witness the atrocity.

Yeah, well don’t waste my time getting on stage if you can’t be arsed to rehearse, I thought at the time. But… every band has an off night. Perhaps the line-up had recently changed. Who knows why it was the worst gig I’ve seen in years, but I know Keel Her can be better, because some of the stuff they’ve recorded shows great promise (if you’ll forgive the patronising faint praise).

They’re playing at the Dome Studio on Sat 5th June. It’s only £4.50 to get in. It’s a lovely venue. It’s a Saturday night. So maybe they deserve another chance. You could always sneak off to the Mash Tun if they suck. Am I selling this to you? They can’t be any worse than last time.


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