Hey Kids: Heard the New Goat LP?

GoatYou know how you can tell when a band will be good live? There are some artists I love, but who I wouldn’t be that bothered about paying to see on stage; while with others I can take or leave their albums, but wouldn’t risk missing them when they hit town. Goat occupy the latter category.

They come to Brighton’s Concorde 2 on Wed 1 October to promote their new LP, which is due for release in late September. I’ve had a sneak preview of it, and it’s good — perhaps better than the last one — but it’s very much more of the same. And although it fulfils many of my standard sonic requirements (shamanistic tom toms, fuzzy delay, tripped-out vocals, spaghetti western overtones), it somehow doesn’t keep me coming back for more. In fact, given the choice I’d rather listen to the similar but more dosed-up sounds of Australia’s Fabulous Diamonds. Think Goat on industrial strength downers (see the video below). Clearly, in this respect, I am in the minority.

Live, however, Goat promise so much more: exotic dancers, tribal masks, wizard hats, a voyeuristic glimpse behind the velvet curtains of a lysergic voodoo ritual. Unless the sound engineer turns out to be Mr Magoo, you can’t really go wrong.

The Concorde 2 looks to be a good venue for them too, so I’m surprised this hasn’t sold out yet. Go see them before they introduce a horn section and start doing Mustang Sally covers (well, it could happen).

Tickets available from the Concorde 2 box office, or Resident Records, £14.85.


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