My Bloody Valentine: Rare Pics 1983-1988

I’ve been dipping into Sam Knee’s brilliant A Scene in Between again. It’s the ultimate coffee table style bible for indie geeks, winkle-picker fetishists and admirers of the breton top and the duffle coat. The Smiths, The Mary Chain, Orange Juice, The Pastels, Spacemen 3 and Loop feature heavily.

As do My Bloody Valentine. This isn’t the label-busting, Melody-Maker-darlings MBV though. We’re talking mainly 86-88 here (there’s even a shot of Kevin Shields looking a bit Robert Smith in 83). So original singer Dave Conway looms large, as the band skulk in crepuscular, piss-ridden alleyways and against flock wallpaper in dodgy-looking boozers. A far cry from the Roundhouse.

If you like this, do check out my guide to the Best Dressed Bands in Rock. I’ll let the images do the talking now…

Kevin Shields at the first MBV gig, Dublin 1983


David Conway, Debbie Googe, Colm O’Ciosoig, Kevin Shields, 1986


At the Bull and Gate, Kentish Town, 1986


Germany, 1987


Colm and Debbie, 1986


Debbie, 1986


Enter Bilinda Butcher and the famous red jeans. Portlands, London, around the time of Strawberry Wine, 1987


Kevin, 1987


Leeds Poly, 1988


Creating a racket in 1988



3 responses to “My Bloody Valentine: Rare Pics 1983-1988

  1. Hi. The MBV Pic you have credited for Leeds Poly was in fact taken at Ricky’s in Leeds 26th Jan 1988 – I think it’s long-gone now but fondly remembered by other people who went back then! (it’s my photo) – the full set I took (poor band, it was my proper camera with flash) is here, complete with badly watermarked pictures and a fanzine-y style rant. I probably should edit the page, it has been a few years…

    • Hi Jo. Thanks for this. The book credits it to Leeds Poly, but I’ll update the page now. Was there meant to be a link in your comment? I’d like to see the rest of the pics. Was it a good gig, by the way? The first time I saw them was at ULU in Jan or Feb 89. You Made Me Realize was only 10 minutes long back then.

    • Oh just found the link, sorry. You know, the captions are above the images so that might have confused matters. Is it Kevin that’s Ricky’s 1988? And what’s your full name so I can credit you and link to your site? I would normally ask permission but I knocked this out in a rush and didn’t realise it’d be so popular 🙂

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