March Mixtape


Some new, some not so new. All new to me. A selected dirty dozen of the many tracks I discovered this month…

De Lux: Oh Man, the Future  Let expose the elephant in the room straight away: De Lux sound like Talking Heads. A lot. They sound more like Talking Heads than any band has ever sounded like any other band. But that’s ok, it’s a zeitgeist thing. I’ve listened to this LP a lot lately: tales of LA life, not doing drugs and pissing off Buddhists. He spits out some classic lines on this track – like David Byrne whizzed up and foaming at the mouth, smacking himself on the side of the head, stressing about the future. Chill out, Dave…


Meatbodies: Valley Girl  This is a Frank Zappa cover, right? I think I prefer it to the original which, if I remember rightly, had some dodgy 80s production on it. I’m assuming Ty Segall had something to do with this, which is a pretty safe bet these days. Nice and grungy.


Julia Holter: Sea Calls Me Home  I enjoyed last year’s Have You in My Wilderness much more than her previous LP, but only came to it recently. More uplifting choruses; fewer arty, theatrical bar scenes from 1930s Berlin. So classy. I think I love her a bit.


Spinning Coin: The Joker  Discovering a band that nobody else knows about always gives you a warm glow. I don’t know anything about Spinning Coin, apart from that they’re from Glasgow. I can’t even remember where I heard about them. Their Soundcloud page reveals a fragmented personality, sounding like a different band on each track. The common thread is a lo-fi aesthetic, which covers everything in a dusty veneer of scuzzy soul. The Joker could have been a hit in a parallel universe.


Novelette Barnett: Fire De A Town  Ooh, this one’s a find. Can’t believe I’d never heard it before this week. Once the hipster DJs get hold of it, it’ll be the next Uptown Top Rankin’. You can imagine that bass booming out of a third-floor window in Notting Hill in 1978


Dieterich & Barnes: Out and About  Here’s one I found tucked away at the graveyard end of the Tom Ravenscroft show. Not sure what it was doing there. He should have opened with it! There’s a lot of neo-krautrock around these days, but these guys have the sound NAILED. Rather than going down Neu’s motorik route, they’ve taken inspiration from Faust and Can. Look forward to hearing the rest of the LP.


Roniia: Last Words  Another one to thank the “Rave Dog” for (that’s Tom Ravenscroft to you). Dreamy; indistinct; patrolling the borders of consciousness. There’s even a Phil Spector/Ronettes influence in that pounding beat.


Pinkshinyultrablast: The Cherry Pit  Was this month’s LP Grandfeathered as good as Everything Else Matters? Not quite. But headrushes like this still make it well worth buying. An explosion of sunshine straight outta St Petersburg. Cocteau Twins with added balls.


Baauer feat M.I.A: Temple  Ok, this is jabbing a pointy stick into several of my buttons. Bit of kung fu, bit of Eastern mysticism, huge bass, skiploads of attitude. What’s not to like?


Diiv: Bent (Roi’s Song)  Call me predictable, but I did enjoy this LP. It’s a bit too long, but moments like this make it a worthwhile trip. The name Bent doesn’t adequately describe this track’s somnambulant float; like Real Estate on codeine. Get better names, you bunch of divs.


Sunwatchers: For Sonny  I presume the Sun refers to Sun Ra here? Who knows. Jazzy, proggy psyche. They sound quite special live judging by this track. They look about ten on their Bandcamp.


Underworld: I Exhale  This emerged as a touch of class amid the swamp of anodyne slop they usually play in the morning on 6 Music. Hard to believe Karl Hyde is nearly 60. Still got it, man.


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