April Mixtape



Some new, some not so new. All new to me. It’s a bit of a chill-out/freak-out this month, low on quantity, high on length. Honourable mention to Cate Le Bon, whose track Love Is Not Love I couldn’t find a link to.


Julianna Barwick: Nebula  You know those moments when something oozes out of the radio that stops you in your tracks? Doesn’t happen to me often, but it happened with this a few days ago. Time slowed down, into some kind of flow state. Like much of the best music, it’s very simple. And you might know how I feel about reverb…


Khruangbin: People Everywhere (Still Alive)  One of the hardest-to-spell bands around at the moment, but one of the easiest to like. This is such a feel-good number. Even I’d dance to it, and that’s saying something. Probably while holding aloft a can of Red Stripe (better lagers are available). The only problem is it’s too short — make a 12″ mix please, Khurnghabaaam!


Dieterich and Barnes: What  They’re back, for a second month running, those dudes from Deerhoof and Neutral Milk Hotel. Supersized drums on this one. I’m really enjoying the album. You can stream the whole thing here.


Mustache in Your Face Volume I  Jeez, what the hell is this? I just found it by accident while looking for something else. A mix within a mix. Is that allowed? This shit’s gone meta. A lucky dip of obscure, old Hispanic-sounding psyche/funk, anyways… I haven’t got to the end of it yet, but the start rocks — cowbell alert!


Circulatory System: Yesterday’s Dream  I just wanted to post the first track of this LP, but couldn’t find an individual link so this is the whole shebang. I’m 15 years late to this, so apologies if this is very old news to you. For fans of colourful American psychedelia like Olivia Tremor Control and early Mercury Rev.


Mind Enterprises: Lover Boy  A funky little number. Bit Balearic, a splash of Giorgio Moroder, with hints of William Onyeabor and Carly Simon’s Why (one of my all-time favourite 12-inches). I listened to the album but it wasn’t that great. Still, turn up the bass on this.


Parquet Courts: Outside  Great little tune from the new PCs LP, sounding Pavementy and Wirey as ever. There are a few session versions on YouTube. I think this is the best.


Pharoah Sanders: Morning Prayer  Another long one. I believe this tune is a jazz interpretation of Pharoah eating Bran Flakes and gargling with minty mouthwash. Someone with good taste recommended him to me. I thought I hadn’t heard him before, but then I realised he was slathered all over both of my Alice Coltrane LPs. Duh, cosmic jazz fail.


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