May Mixtape


Neutral Milk Hotel

Shiiiit, I heard too much good music in May. A very eclectic party bag, as usual. Some old, some new… all new to me.

Neutral Milk Hotel: In the Aeroplane over the Sea  This LP came out 18 years ago. I always knew it was highly rated, but never listened to it properly all the way through until this year. And then it all suddenly clicked into place. I can see what all the fuss is about now; it’s one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. Genius teetering on the edge of mania. Love the sentiment on the title track. “What a beautiful face I have found in this place that is circling all round the Sun… can’t believe how strange it is to be anything, at all”.


Count Ossie and the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari: Run One Mile  It’s when the drums stop… that’s when they attack. God, this has such an atmosphere about it, you can feel the heat; the perspiration dripping from the saxophonist’s forehead. This has been reissued on Soul Jazz. I can feel a vinyl purchase approaching. The original jungle music.


Dead Man’s Chest: Unnatural Mystic  More use of the word “mystic” and more jungle… but of a very different breed. This music will make you work faster. If every office in the UK was pumped full of jungle music, GDP would treble within a week. Who needs economics when you’ve got dirty sub-bass and The Funky Drummer on the wrong speed. Stitch that, Mr Osborne.


Holy Fuck: Xed Eyes  I like what I’ve heard from the new Holy Fuck LP. Once upon a time I got them played on Football Focus. I knew the producer, who was in charge of the music, and he asked me for a good goal-montage tune. Wonder what Lawro thought of it. I’m just posting this as an excuse to tell that anecdote.


The Magic Gang: All That I Want Is You  Now, if it were me I wouldn’t have bothered with the superfluous “That” in the title, although I guess they inserted it for cadence purposes. I think I love this track a bit too much. Not sure why… it’s not the sort of trans-Atlantic pop I usually go for. It’s just so FUCKING GOOD. And they’re from Brighton.


Clearance: Delays Expected  The adjective “Pavementy” is overused in my social circle. But if you like the band Pavement, you will like this. Because it sounds exactly the same. Not just a bit similar. Exactly the same. I like Pavement, so I like it. Thanks to Graeme Williams for this tip.


Deerhoof: Running Thoughts  Better late than never I spose. Superb drumming on this, with vocals like a Japanese Broadcast. And they’ve got about 20 albums for me to explore. Better get on it. Clever stuff.


The World: It Takes 2  So this lot sound like The Slits. So what. They’ll never get to the top of the Hit Parade though, with the least searchable name on the internet. There’s a better track by them called Talk. But I couldn’t find it.


Terry: Talk about Terry  Yep, it’s a shit name for a band, but this is a lovely little lo-fi tune from Australia. For fans of Moldy Peaches.


Hamza El Din: Assaramessuga: Admittedly the only Egyptian oud player I know. And I didn’t know any at all until a few weeks ago. This goes very well with my soft furnishings and the rug in my living room. I want to go on holiday. Now!


Broadway Sounds: Exclusive Love  The drum roll in this is so cheap, it’s hilarious. It’s the most 80s thing ever. I might buy some red high-tops and a yellow vest. Also check out the video for Booby Trap, which does appear to be a song about some boobies leading a man into a trap.


Mary Lattimore: The Quiet at Night  She plays the harp. It sounds lovely.




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