The Haunting Beauty of The Thistle Hotel, Heathrow Terminal 5

Join me on an odyssey through the fairy-tale fantasy world of the Indian subcontinent. First stop… the Thistle Hotel, Heathrow Terminal 5.

Each new panorama ejaculates a spectrum of unimaginable vibrancy onto your retinas, propelling you into raptures inexplicable through human language.


There surely exists no prettier nuclear waste disposal car park in the northern hemisphere.


Exotic fruits adorn the laneways en route to the Shangri La that is The Thistle, Heathrow Terminal 5.


An ocean of uniquely customised vehicles stretches forth in every direction, in every shade of grey you could possibly imagine.


Bouquets and garlands seduce you into an architecturally orgasmic palace rivalling the Taj Mahal itself.


Rest assured that at The Thistle Hotel, Heathrow Terminal 5, your safety remains the number one priority.


Witness the locals’ carefree approach to waste disposal, untethered as they are by concepts such as beauty and respect. Why use bins when you can eject it from the window of your Ford Mondeo?


Even my room number provides a reassuringly cosy glow. Sleep well, weary traveller. Terminal indeed…




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