November Mix


Some old, some new… all new to me.

Haven’t done one of these for a while. I’ve been busy writing shit about wine here. There’s a lot to get through, so vamonos…

TVAM: No Explanations
Oh god, I want to see these live. They’d be insane, I reckon. Fuzzy, sleazy indie surf garage rock… with ninjas in the video! Where do I sign?

Goat: Goodbye
I’ve been quite ambivalent about Goat in the past. They can be a bit style over substance. But this… this is one of the coolest tracks I’ve heard in ages. The way it builds, speeds, then fades so delicately away from you… it’s the perfect set closer. There’s something touching in here that I can’t pin down. Not sure why, but I reckon it might have been inspired by a death. If so, it makes it even more affecting.  Probably my number one track of the year.

Dele Sosimi featuring Prince Fatty and Nostalgia 77: You No Fit Touch Am
What an atmosphere this track has. It’s all dark and sweaty, like a night out in Lagos. Probably. And check that reverb. Brighton’s Prince Fatty at the controls!

Conor Oberst: Gossamer Thin
Very Dylanny, of course, but this is pure lyrical poetry from the Bright Eyes guy. “I’m worn gossamer thin, like a delicate arch carved by the wind; There’s a glass psyche at stake, throw me a brick, see if it breaks. Cause the mind and the brain aren’t quite the same, but they both want out of this place.” What a beauty.

Denmark Vessey: Cult Classic
Here’s a bit of hip-hop, short and sweet, here’s my sample, here’s my beat. I just made that up. I’m quite proud of that. You can have that, Denmark.

What a sample on this. He deserves some kind of sampling award here. Cult classic indeed.

Fuel Injection by Alan Hacksaw (from Luke Vibert’s Nuggets 3) 
So I’ve got my orange leather jacket on and I’m hiding by the subway entrance, waiting for the curly-haired creep to emerge so I can smash him with the butt of my .45. Don’t give a shit if the DA takes my badge. Freeze frame. Roll credits. This track is so 70s cinematic it’s making me hallucinate.

And Alan Hacksaw: what a name. Whatever happened to him? Get in touch, Alan.

Preoccupations: Stimulation
Shame I didn’t get to see these guys when they played Brighton recently. This LP isn’t as good as their previous one, under the name Viet Cong, but then that was my favourite album of last year so it was a tough one to beat. Read about my weird experience of listening to that in Transylvania here.

Omni: Wednesday Wedding
A really evocative sound here, conjuring up all kinds of early 80s influences… which I annoyingly can’t put my finger on.

Marcos Cabral & Shux: A Lifetime Groove
Dear New Order: I found your drum machine and synths that went missing in 1986. Some bloke called Marcos Cabral is using them here…

Girl Ray: Trouble
Such a sweet little slice if indie pop. What more can I say. This is what pop music should sound like. Possibly best played on a wee Dansette turntable.

Minor Victories: Cogs
Fairly predictable that I’d like this shoegazey trip through the woods with members of Slowdive and Mogwai. The rest of the album was a bit boring though.

Jeff Parker: Get Dressed
Hard to believe this is a contemporary track. Such vibes… I want to say “dope” but I’ll get told off.

Happy Diving: My Zone
Ooh, I’d forgotten about this one. Sometimes, what you lot need, right… what you neeed, is a bit of heavy, feelgood, American indie/punk/grunge rock.

M83: Go!
Allez! Cette musique pop, c’est tres belle n’est pas? Wicked summertime pop, almost seems wrong to listen to it in November.

Queen Tiny and the Aggrovators: Naty Dread Time Dub
Minimal originality on the song title, but maximum fatness on the bass. Uptown Top Ranking indeed!

Gabor Szabo: Dreams (full album)
YouTube can be like the under-the-counter selection in the shady store cupboard of a seedy back-street record shop. If you follow the right paths. Never heard this before. I can almost smell it. Loving the Aubrey Beardsley-style artwork too.


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