Above Audio


Situated, as the name suggests, conveniently “above Audio” this is a handy pre-club drinker for thirsty ravers. Unfortunately its greatest strength is also its main weakness, as its proximity to the seafront and pier makes it a magnet for dodgy day trippers and stag do types.

It’s mostly used as a live-music venue on The Great Escape, during which the sound can be a tad sludgy and, in my experience a touch too loud for comfort.

You would have thought that, being a pub might mean Above Audio would have a better drinks selection than most gig venues. But you’d be wrong. Despite advertising itself as Brighton’s Premier Cocktail Bar (I haven’t tried the cocktails, they might be very good), its selection of draft beers is rubbish. It’s the usual suspects: Strongbow, Fosters, Kronie at 4 quid a throw. At least you can get Guinness if you’re that way inclined.

It’s not all bad though. At least there are no TVs; there are wooden floors, flock wallpaper, Helvetica Neue fonts (you know the score) and, surprisingly, that rarest of things: a juke box.

A word of warning: the last time I was there there was, I shit you not, a guy having a shave in the toilets. Perhaps beards had suddenly gone out of fashion. Desperate times indeed.

10 Marine Parade
East Sussex
01273 606 906


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