Brighthelm Centre, The

auditorium31Situated near the train station and adjacent to a small park that’s usually full of alkies (apart from when the Street Diner food market is on), this horribly brutalist community centre contains a function room comparable in size to the Dome Studio, but with harsher lighting. Ordinarily, it’s hired out for a range of activities, from church groups to Weight Watchers meetings. I think they even train ninjas in there, but I might have imagined that bit.

During The Great Escape, it’s not a bad place to watch bands play. The carpeted floor and makeshift mixing desk can make it feel like you’ve stumbled into a Mormons’ convention, but it’s a friendly venue with a decent arch-framed stage and a balcony. I’ve seen an odd patchwork of artists there over the past few years, occasionally accompanied by a smuggled-in picnic of Red Stripe and Monster Munch. You should, of course, not follow my example and instead buy drinks at the bar, where they do Bud, Becks and Stella Cider at £3.50 a can (as of May 2014).

Capacity 230

North Road
01273 821 512



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