Corn Exchange, The

Corn Exchange

This is the middle piece of the Regency-era Brighton Dome-complex pie. Not quite as big as its elder sibling The Dome Concert Hall, but substantially more capacious than its wee sister The Dome Studio Theatre, the Corn Exchange was apparently the Prince Regent’s riding school during the early 19th century (thanks Wikipedia for that nugget).

These days you can watch all manner of rock, jazz, classical, contemporary dance type stuff in there. For live “gigs” (for want of a better word. I can’t think of a single synonym that doesn’t make me sound like an old git), it’s a pretty good venue, although that might somewhat depend on how full it is. It’s wide with a big stage, but it’s also very long, so it’s possible you could find yourself trapped at the back unable to see jack shit. I must admit, this has never happened to me. I saw Melody’s Echo Chamber and Pond in there and they were both superb. Pond, in particular, looked like they were on something. They were definitely enjoying themselves anyway.

29 New Road
Brighton BN1 1UG
01273 709709


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