Dome Studio Theatre, The

Dome Studio

Sandwiched between Pavilion Gardens and the Corn Exchange, the Dome Studio Theatre (formerly the Pavilion Theatre) is one of the best medium-sized venues on the Great Escape trail — although it also often has the longest queues. Outside of Great Escape weekend, it’s more likely to host theatrical gatherings, for which they draft in tiered seating.

This arty status makes it a bit more refined than your average beer-chucking rock fleapit, and explains why it has such an expensive-looking lighting rig, as well as a good selection of ice-cold Sussex beers on tap. The wide stage is well suited to bands with capacious, expansive sounds or who like to jump around a lot.

If I remember rightly, you can bring drinks up from the civilised café bar downstairs, but I’d advise positioning yourself near the upstairs bar if it’s busy, because it gets packed by the entrance — people tend to walk in and then can’t be arsed to shuffle their way across to the other side.

29 New Road
Brighton BN1 1UG
01273 709709


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