Hope, The


Want to combine your love of live music with the pore-cleansing benefits of a sauna? Why not try The Hope? Yep, The Hope is a proper sweat box, but, along with The Green Door Store, it’s the best place in Brighton to see decent, under-the-radar bands, put on by promoters who know who’s hot (in the metaphorical sense).

Situated on the main road linking the station to the sea, The Hope is more of a bar with a venue attached, rather than the other way around. The bar is pretty nice, although it can lack a bit of atmosphere when it’s not busy. One enormous boon is that you can take your drinks upstairs (in a plastic cup, of course), which is where you’ll find the bands, in a little room that fits no more than about 150 people. The sound is good, the stage is low and if you’re close enough to the front it can feel really intimate. Which is how live music should feel, right?

One of the best gigs I ever saw in Brighton was here — the obscenely talented Calgary band Women, sadly no longer with us.

Capacity 100
11 Queens Road
Brighton BN1 3WA
01273 325793

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