Loft, The


This smart little venue is often used for private events like aftershow parties or one-off club nights. It’s situated above (and, it seems, is owned by the same people who run) the Smugglers sports bar on Ship Street. On its website, Smugglers is described as “A lovely venue for everyone”. But don’t let that put you off, The Loft’s crimson walls, exposed brickwork and black leather booths give it the sort of stylish edge you wouldn’t normally associate with Sky Sports.

When I was last there, on a showcase for Brighton’s Faux Discx label, the place felt like a private members’ club for indie kids (at least it did when it was full of indie kids). On the down side, the low stage meant it was tough to see what the hell was going on when it got busy (and good luck getting to the gents’ while a band is on). Worst of all, the trebly, mushy sound didn’t do the bands any justice. If they can sort this rather fundamental problem out, it’ll be a top-notch venue. (Amstel, Fosters, Kronie, Green King IPA, £4.10 a pint as of May 2014).

Capacity 250

10 Ship Street
01273 328439



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