Prince Albert, The


It’s safe to say that The Albert qualifies for the clichéd status of “Local Institution”. Anyone who has come on a day trip to Brighton and walked the “correct” way from the station (ie, down Trafalgar Street towards the North Laine rather than making a direct assault on the seafront) will have glanced at the striking fresco adorning its side. This vibrant graffiti tribute to the icons of rock was once footed by an original Banksy (the one of the kissing coppers), before being flogged off to an anonymous buyer in Miami for over 300 grand (money talks, eh kids?).

The Albert bucks the usual trend of station boozers by actually being a good pub. And not only that, they sometimes have some rather good bands on in the room upstairs. It can get a bit uncomfortably sweaty up there during summer, but the sound quality they get out of the PA is one of the purest in the city.

I saw my top two bands of 2013’s Great Escape up there: Younghusband and, in particular, Pinkunoizu were totally out there. And the venue has to take at least a small share of the credit for that.

48 Trafalgar St
01273 730499

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