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Sonik Beach is predominantly a music blog, although occasionally I use it as a vessel for travel features and even… short stories. I know. Don’t run away. Sometimes I even attempt to combine music and travel into some kind of unpalatable hybrid feature, like a weird fusion dish on an overly ambitious restaurant menu. I don’t do that often though.

My name’s Gary (or Gaz — feel free to choose the lesser of these two evils), and I write about TV, film and travel on one of the UK’s biggest magazines. I’m not allowed to swear or libel anyone in print (damn lawyers) so some of what spews out of my brain gets sucked into WordPress and ends up here. Washed up on the Beach, so to speak.

I live in Brighton, on England’s south coast. If you’re from the States, an equivalent city might be San Francisco or Portland. I’ve never been to San Francisco or Portland, but I’ve watched Portlandia and it looks a bit like Brighton. Vaping and veganism… you get the idea. The name’s even a subliminal instruction: “be right on”. I reckon it’s more hippie than hipster though — and we have the UK’s only Green Party MP to prove it.

The music scene lured me down here from London in 2006. And the pubs. But mostly the music scene. Brighton has way more gig venues than a place of its size (population 273,000, if you include Hove) has any right to, plus its own annual music festival and — unusually these days — loads of independent record shops. Check out www.resident-music.com for a start.

Please get in touch, leave comments, subscribe or whatever.

Oh, unfortunately I’m also on Twitter and Instagram as @sonikbeach

And I write a wine, food and travel blog called The Wine Ninjas

Gaz x


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